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  • Eastleigh Hants :: Electronics ::Batteries and Chargers

    The phone has become an extension of our lives. With the Leash your phone is always kept safe and at hand, truly making it an accessory. Fasten the button to your phone or hardcover case with the powe .. [more]

  • Posted On :25 Feb, 2013Batteries And Chargers
    Lisburn :: Electronics ::Batteries and Chargers

    Evi is the one mobile app that provides solutions for your everyday problems. Evi is a new digital assistant who is here to help with your everyday needs. Need to know where the nearest place to buy m .. [more]

  • Posted On :28 Jul, 2012Batteries and Charger
    Preston :: Electronics ::Batteries and Chargers

    The Apple Battery Charger sets a new industry standard: It has the lowest standby power usage value — or "vampire draw" — of any similar charger on the market.1 That’s the energy most chargers continu .. [more]