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  • Posted On :08 Aug, 2016Hyacinth Macaw Parrots
    City Of London :: Livestock ::Birds

    Very friendly , Start talking , nice looking , with big cage. if you require more details about this ,email me and all your questions will be answered we will sale to people we are fully confident .. [more]

  • York Acomb :: Livestock ::Birds

    Since the creation of our aviary, we have sold over to 3500eggs,1500 weaned,hand raised and hand fed parrots of almost all the parrot species. We have both D.N.A sexed Related and unrelated pairs of p .. [more]

  • Posted On :19 Sep, 2015Blue And Gold Macaw.
    Glasgow :: Livestock ::Birds

    Harlequin macaw 5 yr old inc papers very rare macaw as its a hybridGreat condition as you can see in pic not a plucker.Amazing talker says loads of words says his own name, hello,come here, howay then .. [more]

  • Posted On :11 Jan, 2013Birds For Sale
    Nottingham :: Livestock ::Birds

    Are you looking for bird health products in Warsop or Montana cages in Warsop and the surrounding area? For these fantastic products and much more, make your first call to the experts here at Jon-Joes .. [more]

  • Posted On :17 Oct, 2012Birds
    Salford :: Livestock ::Birds

    i have 2 pairs of cockatiels for sale 1 pair r yellow hen gray cock i want 30 the pair and the other pair r white gray flecks hen and gray cock 50 allso have 2 love birds both cock birds 1 black mas .. [more]

  • Posted On :09 Aug, 2012Livestock Birds
    Swindon :: Livestock ::Birds

    Muscovy ducks, Muscovy Drakes, Muscovy ducklings We have just moved so are no longer in Lechlade but are near Purton, outskirts of Swindon, Wiltshire. We do not interbreed, All birds are from our fami .. [more]

  • Posted On :24 Jul, 2012Livestock- Birds
    Coventry :: Livestock ::Birds

    6-9 months, mixed, i have 7 roser boukes for sell. .. [more]