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  • Posted On :17 Apr, 2013Health And Fitness
    Ripon :: Services ::Health and Fitness

    Student Health Service provides basic health care to the student community within the limits of its professional, technical and physical resources, or at the discretion of the College nurse. Included .. [more]

  • Posted On :23 Jan, 2013Motor Services
    Ripon :: Motoring ::Motor Services

    Main dealer pricing can be up to 40%* more expensive than the cost of our car servicing, even though in some cases we may cover more points on a service checklist than the dealer. .. [more]

  • Posted On :24 Sep, 2012Computer Course
    Ripon :: Education ::Computer Courses

    You are warmly invited to the next Summer School in Biblical Studies at Ripon College Cuddesdon, which is set in beautiful countryside surroundings near the world-famous city and university of Oxford. .. [more]